Sunny With Slight Breeze

The Story of the Sky

A picture of the sky I took during a trip at London (along with an amazing statue)

The sky is an ever-growing stretch of openness that people look up to when they are deeply troubled. It provides a sense of peace and happiness when one stares at the vast blue flying ocean.

I once heard this story from my mom and although I am quite sure she made this whole thing up, it still gives me a calm feeling.

Supposedly, there was no sky in the beginning. All men-kind saw was a large, infinite piece of emptiness above them. The sun and the moon traveled over this but people could not understand,

“Why is there a large piece of land above us?”

The people of a certain village couldn’t handle this questions and decided to ask the wise person who lived on the outskirts of the village. The wise person replied,

“The land is there to conquer, of course!”

What he said spread over the lands by mouth and soon, people began a race to dominate this land. But no matter what they did, no one seemed to be able to reach the land. People never gave up and continuously fought to gain this “forever spreading land.”

War ensued for generations and the Gods above became tired of the ruthless killing. One became so tired, he decided to end this nonsense by painting the so-called “forever spreading land” blue and tearing off some of his white gown to create the “clouds.” That God sneezed once and the wind that emerged became the “wind.”

He shouted out to the ruthless humans,

“Fools! That is not a large piece of land above your heads but the homes of the Gods! I have painted it blue to show you mortals that the sky is as deep as the ocean and it is not to be trifled with!”

And this is how the Sky was born.


I can’t believe I accepted this story when I was little but it made sense.. kind of.

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