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How Bullying Kills.. and Helps

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It is currently summer break at most schools. Children and teenagers are having fun in the sun with their friends (or in my case, in the rain as Seoul is currently in monsoon season). When the leaves turn red, students will once more go to school, which is a place that most students tolerate (and even like) due to having friends. But there are some who are unable to be like the normal students due to bullying.

We often hear about the newest cases of bullying, whether it be in the form of verbal to cyber. The majority take the side of cyber bullying as it being “bad” and “harmful to the victim’s physical and mental state.”

Which is true.

But what we also have to see is that fact that, although the time of being bullied is dreadful, it can actually help the victim in a way. This may sound like nonsense and when I first thought of it, I thought I was being a fool but to some people, bullying gives a positive outcome. How?


The victim goes through literal Hell when he/she is bullied. Friends turn into enemies, the learning institute becomes a cage, and life becomes a drag. People that were not bullied cannot even imagine what the victim went through (I can’t either so if you omit fury after reading what I wrote, understand that this is my perception). But after the years go by, it’s a split path for the victim. They either choose

a. The sad path that we hear on the news (i.e. dropping out of school, suicide, drugs)


b. The unexpected path of confidence

The latter path is not well-known to us as it is rarely on the news (there is the crude fact that news tends to be topics that can be given sympathy. Perhaps that’s why it’s always so gloomy?)  but there are some people who take it. I know a friend that did and when she told me what happened to her, it was hard to imagine something so horrifying happening to her; the girl who is known as “miss optimistic.”

With confidence, we can build a wall around us that prevents the bully from cracking our minds. Just by having faith in oneself, they can overcome the trouble. Confidence from bullying is not pre but post so it will not be easy to achieve but gathering faith and friends, people can shake off the title of being the “victim.” This may have been easier when the primary form of bullying was not cyber but verbally at school but for some, bullying can actually strengthen the belief they carry about them.

I am not saying that bullying is good and should be done. I am one of the many who despise the idea of bullying. But perhaps bullying shouldn’t be known to be just evil but maybe a way for people to grow-up.

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