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I Love This Artist Called..

Pilot Wings - Wooden Bones

I have decided to start expressing the albums of the artist’s I enjoy listening to. I’ll post this every once in a while unless I forget and the first one will be the album Wooden Bones by Pilot Wings.

I first heard the song Bluff from their album while watching Flash Point. If I remember correctly, i heard the song being played for the ending scene and it left a deep impression on me. Eagerly, I searched up the title of the song, searched it on YouTube, and listened to it.

It was amazing.

There is something to this song (and the album) that really touches my mind. It could be the lyrics (this one taken from the song Bluff):

I wasn’t cold enough to care, but brother I dared

See it tear you up, and it calls your bluff

When the lie that keeps you warm, is the truth you’re counting on

or the melodies itself, which left me with an impression of sadness and hope at the same time.

The vocals from Todd Clark is soothing, delivering the right emotions to let the listeners be absorbed into the song. All pieces from the music fit and delivers a strong album which I listened to for weeks. Other songs such as Light You Up and Wooden Bones left a strong impression on me.

For some reason, they are not very well-known when they carry immense talent. I recommend you to have a listen (listen to all of their albums, they are good), let Clark’s voice gently handle your heart, and just close your eyes; focusing on the lyrics and the melody.

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