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Tell Me if You Already Watched the Movie (Please)

This happened to me today (via text):

Me: hey, wanna go watch harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2 with me?

Friend: yeah sure. what day & time?

*after much thumb usage*

Me: so, 3pm tuesday at —mall. 

Friend: sure. oh but i already watched the movie yesterday. 

Me: -__- you tell me this NOW?

So maybe I’m just being paranoid or an idiot but I hate, hate, HATE it when people tell me they already watched the movie after we make a plan. Heck, I just hate it when people say they’ll watch the movie; but they already watched it.

Why? Well, there are several reasons to that. One is being that some people will not pay attention to the movie at all (I know this by experience.) I know you already watched it so you’re not, oh, obliged to pay attention but you could try to. It kinda makes it hard for me to pay attention when you’re looking around, chewing on your popcorn.

Another is that people tell the fricking plot. Sure, you watched this scene before but if I didn’t ask you to tell me what happens after the main character gets stabbed in the stomach, please don’t tell me. There’s that I want to watch the movie in theater because it seems to be good. If I didn’t, I would just watch it by Netflix. It also doesn’t help if you shout out what happens also. If you do, we’re going to be targeted by everyone in the movie theater.

Tying closely with the previous point, I don’t like watching movie with people who already saw it since they usually give me unwanted opinions. This usually happens to me:

*Finding and sitting down in our seats before the movie starts*

Me: This movie is going to be great! I’ve wanted to watch it for so long and my favorite actor is in it also!

Friend: Oh dude, this movie is horrible. I don’t know why you want to watch it but you’re going to hate it.

Dude, if the movie is really that bad, then why didn’t you tell me this sooner?  And really, don’t kill my happiness by saying the movie is bad. I may have waited to watch it for months and you just killed my hype right there. They also rub it in your face after the movie is over.

Friend: The movie was bad, right? You just wasted money on this film!

Great after-taste, thanks.

There’s also the fact of guilt. I feel terrible when the movie was already watched since I’m making you waste your money on a movie you watched intensely. This doesn’t apply to people who don’t mind watching movies twice or thrice or if the movie was especially good but most people watch a movie once; and never watch it again. Unless it’s being played on TV. Then we watch it since it’s free.

I know. I’m pretty sure that half the blame goes to me since I didn’t ask my friend first if they watched the movie. And perhaps my friends just suck or I’m just being a selfish 5-year-old girl. But if they say yes when asked to watch a movie, doesn’t that usually mean that one didn’t watch it? Maybe my basic ideas are twisted and bent but I hope I’m not the only one who gets ticked off when you friend tells you what happened in the climax of the movie.

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