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It’s Washington, Not Washington D.C.

It's Washington, not Washington D.C.

People don’t know Bellevue, WA very well. I admit, it isn’t a large city (or should we say town) as Fort lee, NJ. Oh wait, not many people know Fort lee either (and it also isn’t extremely large.) Heck, people don’t even know the state of Washington very well:

*while introducing self in 8th grade*

Me: Before arriving in Korea, I lived in Bellevue, WA.

Teacher: Bellevue? Where’s that?

Me: It’s near Seattle, in Washington.

Teacher: Do you mean Washington D.C.?

Me: *facepalm*

The state of Washington itself seems to be ignored a lot (why did we have to name it oh so similar to a federal district.) And since I practically count the state of Washington as my hometown (can’t remember much about Fort lee), I’m going to boast about it (WA pride~).

Let’s start rambling.

Bellevue is found in the state of Washington, which is above the state of Oregon. Companies such as Microsoft (in

Nintendo USA is located in Washington

Redmond) and Nintendo of America (also in Redmond) -whoo! Nintendo- are situated in the state. The capital of Washington is Olympia but the most well-known city is Seattle (it doesn’t help that Olympia isn’t very uh.. exciting). I guess the sentence before may not true since Forks is situated in Washington as well *insert unhappy face*. Anyhow, Seattle is the home of some companies such as Amazon (better prices!), Nordstrom (clothes!), and Starbucks (coffee!)

Bellevue is close to Seattle and some people who work in Seattle choose Bellevue for their homes. Bungie Studios (well-know for Halo and Myth), T-Mobile USA (which was eaten by AT&T if i remember correctly), Expedia, Inc (you know, that travel place that always does: “expedia, dot com~” in their commercials), and Valve Corporation (Half-Life, Portal series, Steam) are now nestled in Bellevue. Overall, Seattle and Bellevue seem quite popular.

taken from wikipedia

There are a few state colleges in Washington. The most “popular” ones are University of Washington (chea, Huskies) and Washington State University (Cougars.) These two schools are enemies with each other. Main colors that come into mind for the two colleges are purple and reddish-brown. University of Washington (usually called U.W) is known for its beautiful campus and the researches that happen.

Washington is amazing. To be specific, Seattle is amazing (for me, at least.) The city is full of art and music. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle (I love his music) and overall, the place thrives in music (whoops, repeated that.) The Space Needle is a well-known building. Around it is Puget Sound and Mr. Rainier is located in Washington and the general wildlife is simply fantastic.

Bellevue is a nice place to live. There are rumors of Downtown Bellevue becoming larger than Seattle as it continues to grow. I simply love how one can always find themselves surrounded by trees and the air feels fresh.

Washington has the Seahawks (football team) and the Sounders (soccer team) but I won’t go in detail with them since I don’t have much interest in sports (football sure is violent.)

This is just a bit about Washington. So now, don’t say anything such as “you mean Washington D.C?” That seriously annoys me. Greatly.

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