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Most Respected: My Acoustic Guitar

You can learn key life lessons from the guitar. Like me

So I just started playing the acoustic guitar 3 days ago and I’ve learned much from it. So much that little kids would learn their life lessons in a week. If everyone in this world played the acoustic guitar, then I doubt any wars or problems would have emerged.

1) Nothing comes easily. If this wasn’t true, then my fingers shouldn’t be all red and blistering now, as I’m typing this very message.

2) Perseverance is key. I was ready to throw the too-large-for-me guitar but I didn’t. And I continued to practice and now, I’m actually loving my guitar now.

3) Practice makes perfect. The phrase we hear every time, everywhere. Yet, it’s true. I’m currently practicing roughly 3 hours a day (thank you, summer break) and, well, I’m practically a God compared to when I started.

4) If you don’t succeed, try try again. God, those annoying arpeggios and scales! Effort is the way.

5) Sacrifices are needed. I had to cut my nails to play the guitar. Okay, not the best example but you need to sacrifice your fingers and time to ace it.

Wow. Look. 5 key life lessons in 3 days, about 9 hours in practice. It took me, what, 15 years to learn those four lessons but if I played the guitar, I could have learned it faster than chord.

So parents, let your kids play the acoustic guitar. I’m sure the violin would help also but I didn’t really learn these lessons from the violin when I played it.

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