Sunny With Slight Breeze

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Here!

A man frantically climbs his car as water-levels continue to rise (PHOTO: KIM SUN-HEE/ REUTERS)

Monsoon just passed by few weeks ago yet Korea is facing another dilemma with rain. It’s rained so much, much of Southern Korean is flooded and casualties are increasing.

It’s rained over 433.5mm in Seoul and is to rain 250mm more until tomorrow. Other places such as Busan (245mm), Yangpyung (291.5mm) and Ganghwa (216mm) were drench as well. It’s rained so much that manholes were blown away and took up to four hours for people to travel to work.

If it was me, I wouldn’t go to work but eat some ramen.

Subways were forced to be shut down due to the rain and many cars were left on the road, the only part visible being its roof. Parts of the roads were uplifted due to the fast currents and people were forced to walk in water-levels up to their knees.

You can't even see the cars fully due to the high water-level (PHOTO: KIM SUN-HEE/ REUTERS)

The water was so high that when trains passed over it, it became a spray of water in every direction

I hate it when it’s raining! Ugh.

Casualties were all over the country. Major ones such as 12 people (8 being college students) being killed when a landslide hit the pension they were staying at while they were volunteering at a nearby school for summer break and an old woman being found dead in her second floor house. 6 people was injured from glass and other debris when the raising water-level cracked and broke the windows in the car they were in.

Rescuers work through the debris and hope to find people alive (PHOTO: KIM SUN-HEE/ REUTERS)

Landslides were happening all over the country and mud was everywhere. This really hit hard in the lower elevation areas, where homes became flooded.

Homes and many other objects were damaged from the landslides (PHOTO: KIM SUN-HEE/ REUTERS)

People were left stranded on the road and many were rescued. Some were found on their car’s roof while others were hanging for their lives when they were swept into the river, barely grabbing the leg of the bridge.

Han River was brown until a few weeks ago due to monsoon and now it became so muddy that it’s not even brown but closer to black. The water level rose so much that the island visible from my apartment (24th floor, thankfully) is now covered with water. I can only see the tops of the tallest trees.

It reminds me of Hurricane Katrina. I hope everyone is alright and hope no more casualties appear.

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