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What I Miss About My Childhood: Hot Lava Monster

Okay. I’m still a “kid” to my mom and yeah, I’m only 15 but still, in a few years I will graduate highschool, then college, and then.. yeah. I’m getting depressed just thinking about this so I won’t continue.

Anyhow, I just saw this video (posted above) on YouTube and it made me remember that I used to love playing this game.

I don’t know what other people called it but at my elementary school in Bellevue , it’s called:

Hot Lava Monster.

Best activity/game in the world.

It’s such a simple idea but allows hours of fun time. It’s basically a game (for people who don’t know, if that’s possible) where the players are not to touch the floor at all because it’s “hot lave.” If one touches it, then they are out. For us, we had the person who was “it” or else the game would go on forever. And since our school playground was made out of plastic, metal, and wood, we made it so that the person who was “it” was allowed to touch everything but plastic and metal. Vice versa for the people who were being chased.

The floor is lava!

It’s a great game. I played it at least once every week until roughly the end of 3rd or beginning of 4th grade. The game made it so that it wasn’t as tiring or dragging as Tag but not too hard to play. If there were many people, then we had more people who were “it.” Sometimes we would increase the boundary of the area so that the game could be more diverse.

I guess what I especially miss is that carefree sense I had. I wasted hours playing the game and I would be full of scratches and bruises from falling down but I had fun. Now, I’m too busy to play the game and the thoughts of playing it on the playground appear but the “image” a teenager is supposed to keep up is quite pressuring.

I don’t play it anymore but I really do miss it. And once in a while, when I’m tired of school and my social life, I play the game by myself, and it’s still fun; jumping from bed to chair to table to chair to falling down on the floor and acting out a dramatic death by myself. It’s great.

Until my mom or brother enters my room and sees me on the ground, twitching. Then it becomes very awkward. Very.

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