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I Still Love: Old Anime/Manga Characters

Anime, for people who don’t know is basically Japanese cartoon. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics. Except the drawings are much different from American style cartoons (Batman, Superman, Captain America.) It has its charms and what I love about it is the fact that the stories are interesting (not that Batman isn’t interesting.) Let me rephrase, the different genres of anime attract me and the drawing style attracts me more for some reason.

It’s hard to explain but by images, you’ll know what I mean.

American-style cartoon: Japanese-style cartoon (manga):

Batman is an iconic American comic character.

This is an example from Naruto, a highly popular Japanese manga (and anime)

Much different in style and in feeling also.

Well, I miss the old anime characters. I used to watch cartoon in the morning both in Korea and in the States. I also read manga also. It’s probably a fact that Japanese anime and manga greatly influenced my taste in comics. Korean comics are a bit different in style but for me, Japanese comics just blew my mind away.

So an example would be Pokemon (Pokemon! Gotta catch them allll~):

One of my first anime, Pokemon will forever be in my heart

Pokemon was/is great. It was the first anime for me and it opened up a whole new world for me. It got me into thinking, “Hey, I want to be like Ash and go on an adventure also!” It was my introduction to anime and manga and for days I copied the drawing styles done by Pokemon. It led me to play the Pokemon video game (which was where the whole franchise started, from the video game done by Nintendo.) and into RPGS and JRPGS.

Doraemon taught me the important values during my childhood

Then there was Doraemon created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It was funny and amazing. The way how this blue cat robot called Doraemon came from the future to help the main character Nobita Nobi, who is, really, a failure (horrible grades, bad at everything.) It was how I primary learned important values such as courage and perseverance. The drawing is simple but that lets this manga stand out. I have the series with me (up to volume 17, out of 45 volumes) and I still read it once in a while because it’s that great.

Then there is Sailor Moon. This can be called my first shōjo (manga primarily targeted for females) manga. It was full of action and romance at the same time. I loved the vibrant colors and the large cast. I read the manga later on after I watched its anime first. The problems that Sailor Moon had to face amazed me. She was my first “super hero.” I don’t read or watch it any more but she is still a large influence in my childhood.

Sailor Moon was simply someone that every girl wished to become

I could go on but these are the first three I remember if I think about my childhood anime/manga. It’s probably because of these that I became hooked to anime. I still read manga and I can’t imagine my life without them. Some manga I read (that are ongoing) are Yotsuba &! (by Kiyohiko Azuma, author of another series I love, Azumanga Daioh), Seiyuu Ka~! (by Minami Maki, author or Special A [S.A], one of the first manga I read through the end), and Bakuman (written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obtata. Ohba is known for the famous series Death Note.) I read the well-known mangas such as Naruto and Fairy Tail also. But for me, Naruto has really dragged on so I don’t have much interest anymore. I just read it to see through it.

So manga. My first form of comic. Anime. My first form of cartoon. They affected my life deeply. I’m not an otaku (usually used for people who devote interest towards anime and manga) but I truly love it. And if they were never introduced in my life, then I probably won’t be who I am right now.

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