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Strange Korean Clothes Trends

My uniform in Seattle, the lovely North Face jacket ❤

I arrived in Korea wearing a black North Face jacket, a t-shirt, blue jeans, and traditional black converse. It was still quite cold in Seattle and living there made my North Face jacket practically my uniform. I almost roasted myself when I went outside Incheon Airport because Korea was always hot in the summer.

In the States, there are people who follow the trends and who don’t. Where I lived, most people went towards jeans and t-shirts, simple. It doesn’t work that way in Korea.

Korean people generally follow the trend. Even in the summer, there are some people who wear tight skinny jeans in weather that is over 30 degrees Celsius. For Korean teenager girls, most are found wearing short shorts with a long t-shirt on top that covers their shorts, giving off a look that the wearer is not wearing anything underneath. Nowadays, the long t-shirt is replaced with a polo shirt. I never knew so many different types of polo shirts existed until now. I’ve even seen a tie-dye polo. Anything is possible in magical Korea.

The wearing of skinny jeans all emerged from SHINee, why SHINee, WHY?!

Guys seem quite normal, until you see their tight skinny jeans. I mean, it’s fine but if it’s too tight, it looks uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. I don’t understand how people wear those super-tight skinny jeans when it’s so hot, an egg could be fried on the sidewalk. This, and a bag that looks as though a girl should be the holder, and voila! you can imitate and create your own Korean trend for guys! And this all happened due to Korean idols. This country is too easily influenced!

Here are some more trends:

1. Oversized is cool: Most teenagers aren’t seen wearing shirts that fit their body but a size or even a two larger. This creates the boxy look that is especially popular with girls.

2. Always follow the trend: A celebrity is seen wearing a large coat. Next day, stores will swap their materials for the new product, becoming a trend. Have the trendy items.

Backpacks similar to this is the newest trend in Korea

3. School bags similar to JanSport: Instead of cute purses or hand bags, the

new thing is to use these bags that are similar to JanSport but much square in shape. I’m actually not quite sure how this became a trend. Perhaps it’s because one can carry much items in these bags?

These are some are the absolute trends that you see when you walk around Seoul, or even in Korea. Wanna be a Korean teenager? Then follow this~ Although, you’ll probably boil wearing the skinny jeans.

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