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Facebook: A Website That Makes Me Lonely

Facebook makes me sad sometimes

Me gusta, why you have no facebook?!

Ah yes, Facebook. The very social networking service that was first known as “Stalkerbook” but stomped Myspace by having more users than it will every have. If you don’t have a Facebook, then you are often given stares of amazement to “you-freak-me-out” to me gusta. It seems as though it has taken over our very lives, seeing kids  secretly going on with their cellphones or laptops (the latter at my school) during class. The network that makes people feel as though we should post pictures of ourselves on the website and share our lives with our friends.

This website makes me sad.

I moved from Seattle to Seoul two years ago. From there I made many friends both at school and at other places (does that make me sound shady?) and am enjoying my life. But Facebook has status updates, and when I see those of my close friends at Seattle, I can’t help feel a bit sad. It is predictable after all, since I haven’t met them face-to-face for two years  and I can’t Facebook Chat them due to the large +16 hour time difference so I have no idea what my friends’ life are . So when I see photos of them or comments from my other friends on another friend’s wall, it makes me feel, well, leftout.

Now, what am I saying. I’m a rising sophomore, I’m not a kid anymore. Get over it, fool!

But I can’t help it. I’m the type that wishes to have strong ties with my friends even after moving because they had played a large part in my life. So I wish to know what’s happening with them. Not like a stalker but enough to have a decent conversations with them and not have an awkward moment that results in someone saying, “LOL” (please, LOL is probably the best conversation stopper. Don’t use it unless you’re going to say something else.) But my friends have their own lives and I don’t have much to talk with them since I left after seventh grade. If I left during or after a grade in high school, then I could at least strike up a conversation along the lines of “how’s ____? Still strict?” or “What’s been going on there?” But it’s strange if I ask about middle school because we’re not in middle school.

So when I see photos of my faraway friends on my Facebook Newfeed, I can’t help but feel left out, added with an aching in my heart. Technically, without Facebook, I wouldn’t be in contact with my friends but with it, I feel a pint of sadness with the friends who seem to slowly forget about me.

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