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Bites from Mosquitoes, Not Vampires

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The girl is sleeping at night. It’s hot so she leaves the windows open. Her bed sheets are on the ground, as the heat will suffocate her if she has them. Suddenly, a sudden pain. The girl wakes up and find, to her horror…

A mosquito bite.

That’s me up there. Seoul is a killer in the summer. The temperature is horrible but worst, the humidity. All in all, this type of weather is the best for mosquitoes. The sweat dripping down people’s’ backs like a waterfall, women wearing perfume due to the smell, people leading windows open for the little wind that blows. Seriously, Seoul is probably one of the best cities for mosquitoes to live and thrive.

And I’m hunted in Seoul.

For some reasons, when I have a mosquito bite, the place where it was bitten swells immensely and itches greatly. It swells so much that once, the mosquito bite I got on my right ear swelled my ears to three times of its normal size. I had to go around, covering my ear with my hair because of it. They could have been compared with donkey ears.

It seems I’m liked by a specie I don’t wish.

I buy every type of mosquito repellent available in the market. Before I go to bed I plug the mosquito repellent pulg-ins, spray the sprayer an hour before, wear the repellent bracelet, and anything else that will lower the chances of the bites. Yet, I have over 10 bites all over my body as I’m writing this. Although I received mosquito bites in Seattle, they didn’t swell as much. Perhaps (and probably true) mosquitoes in Korea, generally in Seoul, are more poisonous than Seattle. I’m guessing this may be true since there are more trees in Seattle and it’s less polluted in the outskirts.

In my next life, I wish to have a superpower in which I can detect and kill mosquitoes in an instant.

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