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North and South: Should We Meet Up?

Will the South and the North be able to merge?

It pops up every once in a while on the news. Deep in their minds, people constantly worry about the next day. Will there be an attack? Will a nuclear bomb explode? Will we meet someday? When we hear of the steps the other side is taking, we are in worry. They are starving while we are thriving (except the food cost is rising greatly and the stocks are plummeting.) The country’s dictator is becoming a greater danger everyday. Really, can we ever erase the DMZ line?

Can North Korea and South Korea ever become one once more?

We try to forget but it’s hard. After all, we were the same “Koreans” once and we still are. The country name may be different but we still speak a language with the same roots. Yet because of the one line that was drawn, we were separated. We all say that we wish to meet and become one once more but do we really?

This line is the only thing that separates the once "one" country

Let me be honest. I would love if the North and South can erase the DMZ line. But the consequences of this act will be severe. Here are 11 reasons I can think of straight off of my head:

1. South Korea is far more superior in technology and has more money than the North. If we were to join, then the South will obviously become the side that has to support. Because of this, the South will also become economically challenged. Will poverty spread as resources become less plentiful?

2. What will happen to the current North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jung-Il, saying that he would be alive (although, the reunification won’t happen in another 1000 years in my guesses.) Will we have to punish him for eating caviar while his country citizens are starving? What about his family? Will we just leave them to be? Or will we have to separate them from civilization? Under house arrest?

3. Will South Korea’s economy be fine? The financial burden of supporting now another country, along with the fact that that country is quite unstable may lead to a financial crash. Would we be able to keep up our current Korea while supporting North?

4. (I believe this is the most important question) Can South Koreans accept North Koreans? People say that the two countries should join but will there be no discrimination? Perhaps cases such as bullying and beatings of North Koreans done by the South emerge. Will the North have to go to different school since the style and words they speak is different from South (culture difference: although both the North and the South speak Korean, North “created” a whole new language. Thus the words used and the tone used to speak are different. An example: Teletubbies is said in Korean as “Teletubbies” but North Koreans say [direct translation may be interpreted differently by me] “electric-wave fatties”)? Will there be a whole “superiority” of the South? Will the ideal race become South Koreans? Maybe ideas similar to Hitler’s Aryan race emerge for Korea also: Brown hair, fair skin, South Korean-style Korean spoken, South Korean family?

South Koreans still hold some protests against the North so anti parties is a high possibility

5. If the above does happen, then perhaps Anti-South groups will emerge? The North Koreans could attack the Souths, raid stores, kidnap people. Vice versa for the South. An Anti-North group? Will people be able to accept?

6. What will happen to the North Koreans? Will they be allowed to gain jobs as normal Koreans? Will South Korea discriminate the North Koreans and make it impossible for them to gain jobs in major companies? Perhaps their only job will become manual labor. Will they be separated from the South, having different “areas” to live? Instead of China Town, will a “North Korea Town” emerge?

7. There’s the possibility (and 99% chance) that the North Koreans will flock over to the South as it is easier to live and better than the North. From this, there will be major immigrants, illegal and legal. Where will they live? On the streets? In apartments? Perhaps the banks will allow loans. Perhaps this will lead to another crisis similar to the one that happened in the U.S in 2008.

8. What will we call ourselves? Will we be just Korea or something along the lines of “The New Republic of Korea?” Will the North Koreans And South Koreans be happy will just being called “Korean?” Perhaps one side will believe they are superior than the other side? You may not know but names lead to disputes often. What about our flag? It will have to change but that will lead to a whole other dispute.

9. Going really far, perhaps slavery of the North will emerge. It’s a very, very far-fetched idea, slavery happening in the 21st century in a country who is not poor or unstable. But maybe, just maybe it will happen. Perhaps the South Koreans will enslave the North? Or perhaps the North will enslave the South? Situations of taking sides will very well happen.

10. Can the two cultures mix? We may be Korean but for all we know, North Koreans may not eat kimchi. Our policies may be different. Maybe North Korean students just have to attend school until the age of 16? The culture mix will result in clashes, that’s definitely for sure.

This scene happened in 2007. Will we every be able to see the South and North become one?

11. Will the “merging” of the two even happen? Quite honestly, the words of “we wish the two countries will be able to join once more” sounds like lies. I mean, everyone wishes it but no one seems to take the initiative. There’s the fact that the North is not exactly the most “calm” and “nice” country but really, people seem to just like the “idea.” I bet some people just say they support the idea because they should. Social reactions and “beliefs.”

Yeah we all say that we want the North and South to join but really, isn’t there a possibility that we are saying empty words? Well, at least our soccer team will become better.

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