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See Your Friendship Strength

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You write on their walls. Comment on their status and pictures. Chat with them. This is all possible via Facebook. And with Facebook, you can see how strong your friendship really is.

1. Having them as friends: This can either mean that you just became friends with them or you already knew them, but was too lazy to add them as your friend. Either way, you don’t officially know them well (unless you Facebook stalk them. Which I’m sure we all do.)

2. Commenting on other people’s wall post on the person’s wall: You know them a little, but still not enough to not prevent an awkward talk. With the help of other people, it just seems less awkward.

3. ¬†Commenting on their status: You are now beginning to become much friendlier towards that person. That person won’t be thinking “who is this person” when you comment now. Still awkward but not as much!

4. Commenting on their pictures: We’re getting personal now. You’re now trying to express that you’re ready to take your friendship up a notch, by going a bit into their personal lives. Comment on, comment on.

5. Posting on their wall: You finally took the courageous step! What you write on the wall can be seen by everyone else. You are now testing your friendship: either you are ignored, receive a response of “lol. ikr”, or a good, deep, reply.

6. Wall-to-Wall continuous postings: Wow! You’re definitely a friend now. Having continuous wall posts means that the person isn’t forgetting about commenting back and is actually interested in your thoughts. It means your broke through the awkward mood.

7. Chat: Wow. This means that you can have talks that don’t end with just an awkward “lol.” The person respects your thoughts now. But don’t take this overboard, the person may be talking to you just for the heck of it. Don’t be obnoxious and talk to them every time. Give some space.

8. Pictures: Pictures take time. From group photos to photos of just you and that person, it shows process. These photos show the places you’ve been with that person and the “fun” you had with them. The more photos, the merrier.

9. Sister, Brother, Grandpa, Aunt, Mother: Becoming a member of their Facebook family is important. This means that you are now an important friend and someone they can’t imagine their days without. Become close. Be their “brother from another motha.”

10. Name tagged status/wall posts: That person actually wants to share what they feel with you. People can see that she enjoys having you in her talks and enjoys your amazing comments. Inside jokes often pop out often from these.

12. Status/ wall posts that share their private info: Did that person tell you their phone number via comment of wall post? Well that person must really enjoy talking to you. After all, that person is basically not afraid to have other people stalk-call them or even have random perverts call them.

13. A detailed “See Friendship” wall: The peak of friendship! You have pictures with them, status with your name tagged on, shared wall posts. You are now great friends with them. Give yourself a pat on the heart for going through this nerve breaking process of becoming close friends.

The process was tiring but you should be happy now, becoming friends with new people. Continue making more friends and such and soon, you can have the next goal of 1000 friends! Now, get ready to like and type, “thanks” into every “Happy birthday!” wishes you get.

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One thought on “See Your Friendship Strength

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes on said:

    Ha ha – this is so totally true!

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