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How to Procrastinate

I realized that I haven’t updated my website in roughly 4 months. Wow, I’m dedicated.

Well, I’m supposed to be studying for a Bio test. Which I did. And I think I’m almost done. But then again, as my mom says, “When you think you’re done studying, study more.”

Mom, this means that I will have to study 24/7.

So I’m writing this post, which means I am procrastinating. Like any other student in this world. Yes, I procrastinate. It is in everyone. You say you don’t? Well, have you ever being flicking your pen around during work? Looked around while looking at a report? Gone to another tab while doing homework on your computer? Talked instead of working on the ten page worksheet your teacher gave you? Began stretching when, in fact, you really need to finish that stupid paper?

Yeah, you procrastinated.

Everyone procrastinates. How can you not. At some point, you’re bound to get tired of what you’re doing. And then your body begins to itch and you’re begging yourself to do something else. Anything. But in your seat. To look like you’re dedicated. So soon, you’re texting your friend, talking to your colleague, going on facebook and clicking the refresh button fifty gazillion times, going on tumblr and looking at random .gifs, looking at pictures of cute puppies.

So yeah, the title to this post is a bit misleading. I’m not really telling you how to procrastinate. Or am I? 

Hey I’m getting tired of writing this. I think I’ll add more thoughts later.

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