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My Distinct, Warped Music Taste

Was brought on by my brother.

White IPod nano

Older than me by four years and five years in grade, he was the one who first filled in my iPod with music. I didn’t know how to use iTunes during the time of being a fifth grader so I asked my brother to take up the task of adding music into my iPod. With a few clicks he filled my  iPod nano with wonders that made it as though Sound of Music was something that was possible all the time.

And it is.

With my small, silver nano I began developing my music taste. I realized that I liked alternative music. Rock was good. Pop was fine too. Anything but Country was fine. Country was… yeah.

It was from my brother that I learned about the bands of Anberlin, Arctic Monkeys, Relient K, The Afters, Yellowcard, The Postal Service, Jack’s Mannequin, Strata (“Daylight in the City” is one of my favorite songs) and the Who. Already from here my music taste was different from a normal girl of my age. I didn’t know High School Musical nor any Disney stars (Selena Gomez, you were an alien to me. And you still are.) My brother saw Disney music to not be music and so, I didn’t watch music. And, well, our family didn’t have cable until later on. So I didn’t even know who Hannah Montana (did I spell her name right?) was.

English: The 1st generation iPod Touch, with a...

This went on until roughly 7th grade when I got my second generation iPod Touch. After fooling around with my brother’s iPod Touch over the summer of my rising 7th grade, I decided I’ll get one too. And after miraculously raising my French grade from an F to a B+ in less than a month (hallelujah!), I got my iPod Touch.

Now, remember. If you need motivation to study, ask your parents to buy you something for a good grade. It works.

CD of iTunes v1.0 (2001)

With my iPod Touch, I downloaded iTunes on my laptop (I was still depending on my brother for music. We had sessions where I’d sit next to him and he’d go through his music, me nodding my head yes or no to the music I liked or hated) and began downloading my music. The very first music I added in my iTunes was Rihanna and her album Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) as during that time, the nation went through the phase of “Disturbia” and “Umbrella”. Then I found the old artists in my nano and added in new ones. Such as Beck, Adele, Britney Spears (no music is complete without her), Janet Jackson, Moby, Oasis, One Republic, Motion City Soundtrack, Coldplay, and Muse (:D)

Now in my iPod I had a mixture of Pop with Rock and Alternative and these other genres such as Folk and whatnot. Rewind to the year of 2008 when I moved back to Korea and I added in Korean music. Which displeases my brother still as he says that he cannot stand KPop.

Lasers (album)

All of Lupe Fiasco's albums are good

Now, in the year of 2012, I added in music but I still have the music I grew up with years ago. I now know of groups called Of Monsters and Men (amazing group), Mona, Regina Spektor, Robin Thicke, Sam Sparro (“Black and Gold” is a great song), The Temper Trap

Sweeeeeeeet Dissssspoooosiiiitionnnnnnn

(“Sweet Disposition”, the song that came out of 500 Days of Summer if I remember correctly), Sway (“Still Speedin'”), and Lupe Fiasco (all of his albums are good. Listen to him. Like,now.)

But I still owe my brother for starting my music taste in the right path. If I started off with Hannah Montana, well, I’m not going to listen to the song “The Cool” by Lupe Fiasco now, as I’m typing this up.

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