Sunny With Slight Breeze


I am short and I look like any other person. If you are confused of my gender, let me make it clear that i am female.

I am Asian, specifically Korean, and speak both Korean and English fluently. I will be able to survive in France with my weak, but ever-growing (I think) French. I wish to learn how to speak Japanese.

I enjoy listening to music like most people. I accept almost any genre except Country and Heavy Metal. I have made a room in my heart for Indie, Rock, and Alternative. To name a few of the bands I love, they are:

Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Strata, Anberlin, OneRepublic

I can handle Korean music (largely known to people as “K-Pop”). I have a love-and-hate relationship with it, I accept that the songs are catchy but most of them are not the best. For me, Korean indie bands and the older songs (90’s and 80’s) are better than the idols.

I love manga (Japanese comics, if you just stared at your computer after reading the word “manga”). It is fun and interesting, as most carry a strong and interesting plot. I advise people to try reading one. Start with some “popular” manga such as Naruto or Bleach and gradually dig deeper to other genres.

Video games is another hobby of mine. This probably developed from watching my older brother play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and other games. I prefer jrpg and rpgs (the Tales and Final Fantasy series to name a few).

I believe that people can learn to accept things that they believe to be “wrong.”

“Stay positive and let life show you the way”


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